Property Valuation

Atyrau City LLP makes valuation in the following directions:

- Valuation of immovable property (buildings, structures, land);

- Valuation of movable property (cost of mobile objects, vehicles, containers and other transport equipment);

- Valuation of machinery, equipment;

- Valuation of the extent of damage caused to the property, person affected in the result of vehicle operation (Road traffic accident);

- Fixed asset valuation and revaluation (for financial reporting, transfer acceptance);


- Fee for services does not depend on the total value of the property being valued, but is determined by its complexity;

- Report preparation deadline will be met (1-3 days);

- We guarantee the quality of the performed works;

- Valuation reports and conclusions issued by Atyrau City LLP are accepted within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



- For mortgage credit lending of individuals and legal entities;

- For contributing property to the Charter Capital of the company;

- For revaluation of fixed assets of an enterprise during its transformation or liquidation;

- For property insurance;

- For implementation of transactions related to the property alienation, purchase and sale, donation, inheritance, payment by Charter Capital);

- For court disputes (seizure of property from owners for state needs, bankruptcy procedure, declaration of proprietary rights, property division);

- For taxation (property rental, supply of trucking facilities) in order to control proper tax payment in case of any dispute related to calculation of the tax base;