Engineering Survey

Atyrau City LLP conducts the following engineering surveys for construction:

- engineering and geodetic survey;

- engineering and geological survey;

- engineering and geocryological survey;

- engineering and hydrometeorological survey;

- engineering and environmental survey (mobilization, field, laboratory and cameral works);

Engineering surveys are one of the most important types of construction activities and each construction and operation process shall start with them. An integrated approach that combines various types of engineering surveys allows to perform versatile and timely approach to investigation of sites, buildings and structures.



These are the works performed for comprehensive study of natural conditions of the region, area, site, route of designed construction, local building materials and water supply sources, and obtaining of required and sufficient quantity of materials, to develop economically efficient and technically reasonable solutions for the design and construction of facilities, taking into account rational use and protection of environment; as well as obtaining data to predict environmental changes due to the construction and operation of enterprises, buildings and structures;